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Euphonix Adds TerraSonde Gear to Max Air Broadcast Tour

TerraSonde's Digital Audio Toolbox is now part of the Euphonix MaxAir broadcast truck.

TerraSonde’s Digital Audio Toolbox is now part of the EuphonixMaxAir broadcast truck. The Digital Audio Toolbox is designed fordigital audio analysis and provides an extensive set of professional,bench-level digital audio analysis tools in a portable format.

According to TerraSonde’s CEO, Andrew Smith, “We’ve found thatmany broadcasting engineers have been somewhat thrust into the world ofdigital audio. They have very few choices when it comes to powerfuldigital audio measurement tools that give them fast, accurate,understandable results. Most of that level of equipment is usuallyfound in bench-based analysis tools or complex laptop-based solutions.The Digital Audio Toolbox affords them a handheld audio test set whosefeature set easily rivals equipment costing thousands more, with veryeasy-to-understand information displays.”

The Digital Audio Toolbox has several sets of I/O connectors:digital audio input 1 and 2, video input, digital output, analogoutput, word clock in/out and a serial port. Supported digital formatsinclude AES/EBU, S/PDIF, Toslink and ADAT at bit depths of 24 bits andsample rates up to 96 kHz. These allow the Digital Audio Toolbox tocheck lock between two digital streams and to provide an analog outputfor monitoring or as a test signal. It is also designed to interfacewith other digital audio test equipment, and includes a digital audiocable tester that uses injected jitter to determine signal quality.

The Euphonix Max Air Broadcast Tour is scheduled to make stopsacross the United States in 2004. Visit the Euphonix Website for acomplete list of times and locations at For more information on theDigital Audio Toolbox, visit