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Euphonix Dubs ‘Adaptation’ Soundtrack

Spike Jonze's new movie, Adaptation, recently opened to much praise, including six Golden Globe nominations, including Best Picture. The movie soundtrack

Spike Jonze’s new movie, Adaptation, recently opened to muchpraise, including six Golden Globe nominations, including Best Picture.The movie soundtrack was dubbed at Skywalker Sound (Marin County,Calif.).

Re-recording mixer Lora Hirschberg of Skywalker Sound completed themix on the Euphonix System 5-F digital film console. “The EuphonixSystem 5 really came through for me on this very intricate soundtrack,”said Hirschberg.

In other Euphonix news, the very first Euphonix System 5 digitalconsole manufactured (serial #001), which was installed at One UnionRecording Studios in San Francisco over three years ago, has been usedon short- and long-format projects for clients that include Pixar,Disney, Publicis, Hal Riney, JWT, and Goodby, Silverstein andPartners.

“I have a lot of faith in the San Francisco post market,” said JohnMcGleenan, facility director and co-founder of One Union. “That’s whywe’ve recently expanded our studios. I also have faith in the System 5.Its flexibility for tackling different types of projects and the speedthat you can work on it have enabled us to diversify our business andfacilitate working with our clients at a higher level.”

The System 5 was recently used to help turn out a host ofsoundtracks in 5.1. Electronic Arts chose One Union and its System 5mixing room for several key projects done through OWN&P, SanFrancisco for Play Station 2. The commercials, shot for cinematicrelease in the UK, U.S. and France, include a 30-second spot forLord of the Rings: The Two Towers, mixed by One Union seniorengineer Vance Walden. Other surround projects have included a mix forthe 25th Annual 2002 Mill Valley Film Festival in Marin County,Calif.

“Our System 5 room has been consistently busy over the past year,even in the aftermath of September 11,” stated McGleenan. “The System 5console excels at surround mixing projects. Clients love the soundwhile they are working and the end results when the project iscompleted.”

Over the past year, One Union has added two new studios to theirfacility, and now occupies the entire fourth floor of a historicwaterfront building at One Union Street.

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