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Euphonix EuCon Update

During the past year, Euphonix has been working closely with Steinberg to allow System 5 consoles to act as control surfaces for the Nuendo DAW

During the past year, Euphonix has been working closely withSteinberg to allow System 5 consoles to act as control surfaces for theNuendo DAW. The Euphonix EuCon open protocol, initially designed toallow System 5 surface modules to control Euphonix’s own DSP, isused for this high speed connectivity. The new PCI MADI card from RMEallows simple and inexpensive digital connectivity between PC audioworkstations and Euphonix’s 768×768 StudioHub digital router,which can act as a facility digital audio patch system. StudioHub isnow available with a stand-alone PC application to patch hundreds ofconnections together.

This architecture will allow several multiple DAWs to be controlledfrom a System 5 for film-dubbing applications. The operator will beable to bring each individual track from any of the DAWs up on theSystem 5 control surface, as well as handle all audio patching betweensystems. Audio from the DAWs feeds into System 5’s DSP Core viaRME MADI cards and the StudioHub router.

In development is the new Euphonix “MC” editorialcontroller, which gives users high-speed control of not only EuConaware applications such as Nuendo, but also any PC application viakeystroke commands programmed into the MC’s LCD SmartSwitches.The MC’s programmable buttons switch functions with eachdifferent application running on the host PC for excellent speed ofoperation. MC includes a 5.1 monitor section, twin trackballs, standardfull-size keyboard, eight programmable knobs, four full-throwtouch-sensitive moving faders and 56 programmable LCD SmartSwitches,together with a small touch screen for fast access to the unit’sprogrammable features. The MC will go into production in 2004.

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