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Euphonix Max Air Controls Steinberg Nuendo at Tonmeister Show

Euphonix and Steinberg demonstrated another example of the intergration between Euphonix's Max Air and Steinberg's Nuendo at the Tonmeister trade show

Euphonix and Steinberg demonstrated another example of theintergration between Euphonix’s Max Air and Steinberg’s Nuendo at theTonmeister trade show in Hanover, Germany. This demonstration followsthe recent L.A. AES demonstrations of Steinberg software and theEuphonix digital large-format consoles, where the two companiesannounced a strategic alliance to create an integrated system thatcombines a control surface and Nuendo software.

“This demonstrates our ability to combine Max Air’s DSP capabilitiesand Nuendo’s native signal processing, based on an open-architecturephilosophy utilizing Euphonix’s ‘EuCon Networking Protocol’ andusing Max Air as a control surface,” stated Martin Kloiber, executiveVP of technology at Euphonix. “Ultimately, we plan to offer alarge-format control surface built with our current console technologythat integrates seamlessly with Nuendo aimed at the music and postmarkets.”

Manfred Ruerup, CEO of Steinberg, added, “Nuendo is entirely basedon native signal processing, but with Max Air’s DSP power, we areexpanding the limits of native signal processing to deliver the nextlevel of digital recording and editing, with a very sophisticatedcontrol surface.”

The demonstrations at the Tonmeistertagung will be held at Steinbergbooth E 62, November 22-25, 2002.

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