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Eventide H3000 Band Delays Plug-In

Developed for Digidesign’s Pro Tools TDM platform, Eventide unveiled its H3000 Band Delays™ plug-in

Developed for Digidesign’s Pro Tools TDM platform, Eventideunveiled its H3000 Band Delays™ plug-in, which is based on thecompany’s H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer® effects processor.

The familiar, yet unique interface of the H3000 is faithfullymaintained with the new Band Delays plug-in, featuring the Hot Keys,which provides four top-level editing controls, providing quick accessto scalable multiple parameter manipulation of the four most importantadjustments to the effect. The Band Delays plug-in features eighttempo-based delays, each with programmable resonant filters andindependent panning controls. The plug-in is capable of a wide range ofexotic delay-based effects.

“We set out to develop a plug-in that offers the incomparablevibe of the Band Delays algorithm from the H3000,” commented RayMaxwell, VP of sales and marketing at Eventide. “Many users ofthe H3000 will remember such amazing presets as #638 Band Sweep, #635Band Pan and #658 S/H Pan-a-Delay, to name a few. These and others willbe faithfully re-created in Band Delays. New users will be amazed atthe musicality of these of these cool tempo-based filter delay effects.Based on other requests, providing this essential component of theH3000 in plug-in form promises to be a popular creative tool for theever-growing Pro Tools user community. There are many delay plug-insout there, but only one that comes from the Eventide H3000.”

In other company news, Eventide’s Reverb and Octavox™Harmonizer® diatonic pitch-shifter plug-ins for Pro Tools for MacVersion 5.1.3 or greater are now shipping.

Grammy-winning engineer and producer Tal Herzberg was one of thefirst to use the new plug-ins from Eventide. “The Reverb soundsamazing! It is hands down the best that’s available for TDM rightnow. It sounds fat and rich, and the controls are superb, especiallythe compression, which puts the effects right in their place. Octavoxis equally as impressive and works perfect as a doubler.”

Octavox ($595) was created based on the multivoice pitch shifterfrom the Orville and is the first Eventide Harmonizer eight-voicediatonic pitch-shifter plug-in. Octavox allows users to create stackedharmonies and wide choirs locked to the session’s tempo. Thegraphical user interface contains everything needed to load, edit andsave a preset, and provides access to the pitch-shifting capabilities,as well as providing musical control of the pitch and delays using theNotation Grid™.

The Notation Grid presents pitches on a traditional music staff witha quantized beat grid superimposed for placing notes over time. Whilethe standard Pro Tools Save and Recall features are supported,Eventide’s snapshot feature provides an intuitive way to captureor recall parameter settings with a single mouse click and can be usedto instantly rearrange the entire sequence. Instrument presets quicklyconfigure the pitch-recognition parameters to be optimized for a giveninstrument. A randomizer is included, which can be used to simulate thenatural character of eight individual sound sources or for more exoticapplications.

The Eventide Reverb plug-in ($695) uses the highest-quality reverbalgorithms from the Orville, including halls, chambers, plates, rooms,ambience and lo-fi effects. Each reverb type offers 3-band stereoparametric equalization both before and after the reverb, reverbcontour for built-in tone shaping, a pair of delay lines with filtersand a high-quality compressor.

The graphical user interface of Reverb features all of the tools ina single window. Like Octavox, Reverb includes the snapshotfunction.

Hardware control of the Eventide Reverb and Octavox plug-insincludes support for the Digidesign ProControl and Control24, and theMackie HUI.

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