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Atrium Audio Launches at Rock Lititz Campus

Producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland have launched Atrium Audio, a new multiroom facility on the Rock Lititz campus in Lancaster County, PA.

The new Studio A inside Atrium Audio.
The new Studio A inside Atrium Audio.

Lititz, PA (November 14, 2022)—Producers Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland have launched Atrium Audio, a new multiroom facility on the Clair Global campus in Lancaster County, PA, with a Solid State Logic Origin 32-channel analog console in Control Room A.

The 3,500-square-foot, multi-room tracking and mixing facility is the only recording studio on the 96-acre campus, which is a community encompassing all aspects of touring production, from audio, lighting and video equipment, rigging and staging to accounting, healthcare and workspace rental services.

“It’s just a great location because we’ve got this community of people who are all in the music industry and helping each other out,” Slovak says. “One of the first sessions we had in here was Justin Bieber. He was next door rehearsing for a tour, so they booked the studio out for a couple of weeks.”

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Atrium Audio features a large, high-ceilinged live room encircled by three control rooms, including a Dolby Atmos mix suite complete with ​JBL 705p and 708p monitors and a Dynaudio Core Sub.

​Slovak believes that he and McFarland are doing much better work because of the Origin: “We spent a lot of time making sure this room was laid out correctly. We hired Jeff Hedback from HD Acoustics to design the studio, so the environment’s really good. I feel like having the console and working through it has leveled our game up in a lot of ways.”

For instance, he says, simply running a project through the Origin brought a noticeable improvement to his mixes. “I revisited a few older sessions, took all the plug-ins off the mix bus and summed them through the SSL. It’s crazy, the night-and-day difference it made in the overall punch, the feel and the headroom. I have one of the SSL Fusion units as well, and Origin and the Fusion have now basically replaced all my mix bus plug-ins.”