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Instrumentoz Promotes Affordable Immersive Music

Miami-based creation facility Instrumentoz has created a new Dolby Atmos mix room outfitted with KRK Rokit monitors.

The new KRK-based Dolby Atmos facility inside Instrumentoz.
The new KRK-based Dolby Atmos facility inside Instrumentoz.

Miami, FL (October 25, 2022)―Instrumentoz, a music technology company and studio space for beginner producers, artists and creators, aims to help anyone to experience Dolby Atmos mixing; to wit, it recently built out an immersive room outfitted with KRK Rokit studio monitors and S12.4 subwoofers.

Located in the heart of downtown Miami’s arts district, the main goal of Instrumentoz is reportedly not to be a traditional studio but a place for creatives to work. “It is a place where producers can start learning how to record and mix music in Atmos ― I call it a producer’s playground,” says Instrumentoz founder Carlito “Sway” Cobos. “We chose the Rokits as an affordable option for quality audio and build. Plus, the White Noise versions in the space complement the creative atmosphere.”

He adds, “Using KRK for immersive mixing gives the perfect low-end, and the tuning and equalization are so accurate, especially when combined with the KRK S12.4s, which is an ideal subwoofer for Dolby Atmos.”

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Musical duo Unfollow Me recently produced and mixed their single, “Unavailable,” in the space. “The lead singer told us she was blown away by how immersive the music was in the room,” Cobos says. “She said she could hear everything panned out around her, as opposed to just on two speakers coming at you, and that having all the song elements spread out, rather than being masked in the stereo mix, was amazing.”

Cobos has also been working alongside Dolby Atmos-certified engineer Javier Delgado on different immersive mixes for artists such as Lunaty Npt from Colombia, Dominican Rapper El Nephew and Miami-based TikToker Tre Oh Fie.

“I started Instrumentoz because I wanted producers to have a place to make immersive music, rather than just focusing on the final product with the engineers,” Cobos adds. “There’s a myth that you need a huge budget to start mixing in Atmos, but the KRK Rokit line hits professional standards while allowing you to get into creative mixing. The Rokits made it possible for us to create this space for producers, who can potentially use it as a model for their own studios in the future.”