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Migration Studios Opens, Dedicated to Carbon Capture

New UK facility Migration Studios plans to donate 100% of its booking proceeds to fund carbon capture projects.

Migration Studios
Migration Studios

Gloucestershire, UK (November 18, 2021)—Migration Studios, an independent recording studio at Cotehay Farm in Brockhampton, Gloucestershire, UK has opened its doors, hitting the ground with a mission: to devote 100% of its booking proceeds to an environmental arts charity, Platform Earth, which in turn funds UK-based carbon capture projects to tackle climate change.

The first project Migration Studios will help to fund is the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project, a restoration and rewilding partnership that aim to conserve 304 square kilometers of Sussex coastline. “We are passionate about this project,” said Ruth Ganesh, co-founder of Migration Studios and Platform Earth trustee. “The native kelp locks 20 times more carbon than land-based forests, grows 20 times faster and will have seismic repercussions for carbon capture and biodiversity. Successful restoration of the area has the potential to lock away as much carbon as London’s music industry emits every single year.”

Building ‘Home in This World:’ A Tribute to Woody Guthrie’s Dust Bowl Ballads

Focusrite, ADAM Audio and Novation were involved in the facility’s first project, which took place in late October. A full 20-plus musicians, producers and instrumentalists collectively wrote, recorded and produced MO0001:‘The First Movement, will be released alongside a documentary of the creative process directed by Italian filmmaker Carlotta Bianchi. The studio launch and inaugural recording session was sponsored by Gloucestershire’s Dunkertons Organic Cider, and the two additional production spaces for the event were supplied and sponsored by Focusrite, ADAM Audio and Novation.

Head of Production and Migration Studios co-founder Richard Jahn noted, “Migration Orchestra seeks to connect musicians back to collaborative music making, which due to the pandemic and other factors has splintered music creation, more often than not, into largely solitary endeavors.”