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Vocal Ink Production Marks Anniversary

Vocal Ink Production, a full-service audio production and post-production company is celebrating the first anniversary of its second location.

Tim Campbell of Vocal Ink Production
Tim Campbell of Vocal Ink Production

Charlotte, NC (January 11, 2023)—Vocal Ink Production, a full-service audio production and post-production company in Western Maryland (VIP) is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its second location, Vocal Ink Production South Recording Studio, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Founded by Tim Campbell in 2010, Vocal Ink Production operates two recording studios: VIP North, located in Western Maryland, and VIP South, in Charlotte. The latter was originally constructed in 2009 for Fred Story, the multi-award-winning composer and owner of Storyline Music + Mix, having been designed by Nashville Studio designer David Rochester of Technical Audio Services.

“During the course of our first year of ownership, VIP South has since become one of Charlotte’s largest and most professional recording and production facilities,” said Campbell. “Capitol Records has begun working with us, and many North and South Carolina music artists have discovered us as well. In fact, Fred Story himself continues to use the facility for his larger-scale productions!”

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According to Story, “There’s nowhere in Charlotte I’d rather record, and Tim is a terrific engineer. I’m happy that he recognized the love and care that went into the creation of this facility back in 2009. Under Tim’s ownership, the recording studio has since become the centerpiece of the audio production and post-production universe in Charlotte. The music and production communities here have quickly embraced Tim’s vision, and I’m not the least bit surprised by his remarkable success in North Carolina.”

Two-time Grammy Award-winning producer Cedric Thompson works exclusively from the Vocal Ink Production South Recording Studio, Campbell also reports, while engineer Donte Dowling additionally does production work there, with both men bringing major-label gospel recording artists to the studio for recording.

“With our expansion into this 3,500-square-foot Charlotte facility, our doors have since opened to recording sessions of almost every possible size,” Campbell said. “Our first year in North Carolina alone has brought us artists in genres such as country, punk, ska, metal, gospel, R&B, hip-hop and orchestral, not to mention our additional work for audiobook releases and countless voice-over projects.”