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Fairlight Commences Operations

With new financing, announced that it has officially reopened for business at the company's former Sydney, Australia, manufacturing and operations

With new financing, announced that it has officiallyreopened for business at the company’s former Sydney, Australia,manufacturing and operations center. According to Fairlight CEO JohnLancken, the company has been producing products since the middle ofMay and has already shipped its first orders of DREAM Satellite andStation systems to Chiyoda Video, Good Audio Sense, Imagica, MediaHouse, NHK and Yomiuri TV, as well as Audio Recording Unlimited inChicago.

“This is a really great start for the new Fairlight,” Lancken said.”We have received a tremendous amount of support and encouragement fromFairlight customers around the world, and we are grateful for both. Alot of people worked very hard to keep the Fairlight dream alive. Somehave invested their labor and their talents; others their capital. Allof these people share a common goal to make the new Fairlight a bettercompany that is able to respond quickly to meet a customer’srequirements.”

Fairlight also announced that it has formed a worldwide network ofindependently owned and operated distributorships. “Each distributor isresponsible for their own sales, marketing, training and support,”Lancken explained. “We will provide materials, major trade showsupport, and an umbrella marketing and communications program to helpthem achieve their individual local market objectives.” Fairlight’s newdistributor network includes Media Gear in North America, Tekcare andFairlight France in the UK and Europe, and Fairlight Japan and

Fairlight also unveiled its new corporate Website (, which contains news andinformation, downloadable product catalogs, a trouble-shooting bulletinboard and user forums.

The company was forced into receivership in April of this year.”Quite simply, the old company’s strategy of owning and operating aworldwide distributor network could no longer be supported,” Lanckenexplained. “Capital that should have been invested in development andmanufacturing was, instead, going to pay for fixed overhead costs thatsimply could not ever deliver a return. The new Fairlight is going tobe more focused on designing and developing products that are dedicatedto our customers and that deliver features that are simply the bestmoney can buy. Our job is to develop the tools that creativeprofessionals need to achieve their business objectives. This hasalways been the essence of Fairlight.”