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Fairlight Upgrade for DREAM

Version 18.2 software allows new automation functionality on DREAM Satellite, StationPLUS and Console, including the ability for automation data to follow

Version 18.2 software allows new automation functionality on DREAM Satellite, StationPLUS and Console, including the ability for automation data to follow audio clips selected for editing. Version 18.2 supports larger configurations for StationPLUS and Console with up to 144 channels and 48 buses, and provides for the addition of up to 32 mono multitrack buses on both systems. Also new to DREAM StationPLUS and Console is the ability to add VCA-style fader groups.

Version 18.2 will also allow users to control and automate faders from Nuendo and Pro Tools; moves from these systems may also be stored as part of the overall mix. Fairlight’s MediaLink audio network environment benefits from an overall increase in speed and also supports MP3 file formats.

Powered by Version 3.1 DREAM Series User Interface Software is an enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) for StationPLUS and Console. The new software provides additional zoom windows and user-definable track-select modes on the Edit display.

Fairlight’s new StationPLUS integrated mixer and editor doubles the capacity of the original Station integrated mixer/editor, which was introduced in 2002. Users now have the option of configuring a system with additional buses and live feeds, taking it from 56 channels and 24 buses to 144 channels and 48 buses. This is accomplished by increasing the number of DSP cards (up to four) in the QDC chassis and with some subtle changes to the user interface. To upgrade, customers can purchase a software license for $2,500, plus additional DSP cards for $8,750.

Fairlight StationPLUS also provides control of Nuendo and Pro Tools recording and editing platforms. This will allow users to store automated fader moves from these platforms as part of a mix project. For music production, StationPLUS features the ability to add VCA-styled fader groups. An enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) for StationPLUS provides additional zoom windows and enhanced track-select modes on the Edit display.

Fairlight’s SoftMix is a PC-based mixing control application that transforms these machines into fully fledged surround-capable mixing systems with compelling track-based dynamics and equalization and support for the company’s Plug-Ins Manager 5. Fairlight SoftMix can remove the need for an external mixer; where one is already in place, it provides plug-ins, routing and submixing capability to increase speed and flexibility.

The highly affordable, eminently scalable SoftMix system is available as three separate modules: SoftMix is the core package that runs on Windows 2000 or XP, costs $1,000, and provides either 24-track or 48-track configurations of MFX3.48 or Satellite. SoftMix Plug-Ins, which is available for an additional $1,000, includes EQ and dynamics, and support for the company’s Plug-Ins Manager 5. SoftMix Automation adds dynamic automation to the functionality of SoftMix Plug-Ins. Upgrading from SoftMix Core to SoftMix Automation costs $500.

Each SoftMix channel offers track-arming, input patching, direct output, 4x auxiliary sends, up to five-way panning with separate boom control, solo and mute controls, and bus routing switches. All controls in SoftMix have clear text readouts when active. Link groups extend the concept of stereo to include any format up to 5.1 wide, allowing multiple linked channels to be controlled as if they were a single channel. SoftMix includes a monitor submixer that allows monitoring of any of the internal buses or up to four user-defined external sources. The monitor matrix performs automatic foldup and fold-down from any format to any different format.

SoftMix Plug-Ins adds plug-ins support to SoftMix. The package includes a real-time 6-band EQ and two-stage dynamics section for every track and live feed. SoftMix Plug-Ins also provides support for Fairlight’s Plug-Ins Manager 5 system, delivering a full suite of audio effects processors. Using a choice of either a 15-SHARC or 6-SHARC DSP board, Plug-Ins Manager 5 delivers real-time plug-ins from CreamWare and a range of other third-party developers. Plug-ins are accessed and displayed directly from the SoftMix screen, and all parameters are stored with mixes and titles. Plug-Ins Manager 5 is supplied complete with a selection of 80 real-time effects processors. ranging from compressors and expanders through flangers, phasers, ring modulators, delays and high-quality reverbs.

The SoftMix PC is connected via 100 BaseT to the QDC engine’s network port. SoftMix data is bidirectionally compatible with DREAM Station and Console, meaning that projects created on any of these products may be loaded on any other, where they will be recreated as far as the resources available allow.

SoftMix supports the Fairlight Sidecar, with 12 touch-sensitive moving faders and a comprehensive array of switch controls for commonly accessed functions. Sidecar-equipped systems may also be fitted with high-precision hardware metering.

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