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Fans Can ‘Play’ With New David Crowder Album

David Crowder Band announced a first-ever promotion with M-Audio that will be featured on the September 16 release of its sophomore sixsteps/Sparrow Records album,

David Crowder Band announced a first-ever promotion with M-Audiothat will be featured on the September 16 release of its sophomoresixsteps/Sparrow Records album, Illuminate. UsingPropellerhead’s Reason 2.5 software (distributed by M-Audio inthe U.S.) for almost all of the programming featured on the disc, DavidCrowder approached the company with the idea of including the softwareon the upcoming CD. The company responded favorably, making theband’s Illuminate the first Christian artist’s CD toinclude the software.

“As soon as David Crowder learns about a new piece oftechnology that facilitates his creative process, he turns around andshares it with others,” said Kevin Walt, head of M-Audio mediaand artist relations. “M-Audio strongly identifies with hisenthusiasm for equipping songwriters with the means to realize theircreative dreams. This collaboration between M-Audio and the DavidCrowder Band embodies our mutual passion for empowering the musiccommunity as a whole.”

David Crowder Band fans can sample Reason 2.5 by accessing the demoof the software featured on the Illuminate enhanced CD withtheir Mac or PC computer.

“We hope you like the demo of this software. It has changedthe way we’ve made music in the past couple of years, and we gotto thinking that you guys that are making music yourselves might justflip out about it too,” said the band. “It’s justridiculous how much you can do with it. So it’s our hope that yourmusic is inspired and empowered and that you create sounds and songsthat push this whole thing forward!”

In addition to the software, the David Crowder Band placed masteredstudio tracks for two songs on the album: “RevolutionaryLove” and “O Praise Him (All This for a King),” thefirst single from the CD. Fans will not only see how the songs wererecorded and mixed, but also be able to use Reason to create their ownremix of the songs.

In addition to Reason software, the David Crowder Band alsoincorporated the producing talents of Charlie Peacock (dcTalk,Switchfoot), Mitch Watkins (Joe Ely, Abra Moore) and Zach Lind, whofurther played drums on the song “How Great.”

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