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Farrel Becker to Receive 2003 TEF Heyser Award

The TEF Advisory Committee has named Farrel Becker as the sixth annual recipient of the 2003 TEF Heyser Award, presented each year during the NSCA Expo.

The TEF Advisory Committee has named Farrel Becker (pictured) as thesixth annual recipient of the 2003 TEF Heyser Award, presented eachyear during the NSCA Expo. The Award will be presented at the JWDavis/Syn-Aud-Con reception during the NSCA Expo by Blair McNair,chairman of the TEF Board of Advisors. The reception will be held atthe Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas on Friday, March 14, 2004.

The award recognizes individuals whose work utilizing RichardHeyser’s patents in Time Delay Spectrometry (TDS) have made asignificant contribution to professionalism in the field of acousticaldesign and/or measurement.

Using the crude equipment of the late 1970s, Becker utilized TEF todevelop new techniques in sound system design and implementation. In1980, he was the first to measure the Frequency Time Curve (FTC) of aloudspeaker. In 1985, Becker authored a TEF training manual and beganconducting training classes for the new TEF10 from Crown International.He continued to develop new techniques and uses for TEF and shared themwith TEF users via the training classes.

In 1986, utilizing the TEF10, he developed the Polar Energy TimeCurve (U.S. Patent #4,807,165) along with software to implement it onthe TEF10. Becker also developed several additional softwareapplications for the TEF10. Among these was the original Noise LevelAnalysis (NLA) application later incorporated into the initial softwarerelease for the new TEF20.

In 1990, Becker joined the staff of Crown International as asoftware engineer where, while continuing to conduct training classes,he developed MS-DOS applications for the TEF20, including TDS, NLA,RTA, PEQ and MLS. He also developed the BIOS host operating system andapplications for the handheld TEF Pad.

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