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Fayssoux Early Cool Spin


If you were a fan of Emmylou Harris’ remarkable 1970s albums, then you’ve heard what a beautiful voice Fayssoux has: As Fayssoux Starling (now McLean), she was a reliable presence singing alto harmony vocals on many a fine song. Now, Fayssoux’s solo album successfully re-creates some of the approach and feeling of those classic Emmylou discs, and announces its creator as a rich talent on her own. There’s a pleasing mix of folky country tunes, a little honky-tonk, some uplifting gospel and plenty of gorgeous ballads. Also in that early Hot Band tradition, the arrangements here are all classy and impeccable; there’s nary a wasted note. Emmylou sings harmony on three tunes, The Whites on some others, and pedal steel/Dobro master Lloyd Green and mandolinist Ricky Skaggs add nice instrumental touches. A lovely piece of work!

Must play: “Early,” “California Earthquake”

Producer: Peter Cooper. Engineer: Richard McLaurin. Studio: House of David (Nashville). Mastering: Jim Demain and Alex McCollough/Yes Master (Nashville).