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FiberPlex LightViper

FiberPlex Inc., a provider of fiber-optic data communications for the U.S. government, announced that its LightViper™

FiberPlex Inc., a provider of fiber-optic data communications forthe U.S. government, announced that its LightViper™ VIS-1832fiber-optic pro audio solution for digital data communications will beon display at NSCA at booth #1645.

The LightViper VIS-1832 comprises a “traditional” 32x8audio input Stage Box (in compact size and form for touring soundsystem applications) and a complementary 1U rack unit (Model VIM-1832)installed at the main house mixing position. Connecting these twocomponents is via a rugged and extremely lightweight militaryspecification fiber-optic cable weighing less than two pounds per 100feet of cable run.

LightViper’s fiber-optic cable offers total signal pathisolation between both stage and mixer, as well as between the mixerand power amplification. The cable is immune to ground loops, RFI, EMIand electromechanical noise, and runs of up to 6,600 feet can beaccomplished without signal loss or degradation.

The inputs on the audio input stage box accept balanced orunbalanced XLR or TRS mic or line-level audio. Remote switching forindustry-standard 48-volt phantom power is supplied to all audio micinputs. Optional optical outputs on the stage unit allow for a separatestage monitor feed and a third to send the audio data signal to aremote broadcast or recording vehicle.

Pristine-quality A/D converters are built-in and operate at24-bit/96kHz sampling. The resulting multiplexed digital signal istransmitted via the optic cable on a single fiber pair.

FiberPlex includes a lifetime-limited warranty with all VIS-1832system hardware components.

The SRP for the LightViper VIS-1832 configuration is $7,026, whichincludes all components (one stage unit/VIS-1832, one mix position rackunit (VIM-1832), all cable terminations with 300 feet of fiber-opticcable, four send and one return breakout cables). Additionalinformation can be obtained at or at For more new soundreinforcement products, visit