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First API 1608 for Norway

Jessup, MD (November 15, 2010)--API has placed API 1608 console in Norway, at Oslo-based Livingroom Studios, through the company's newest representative, ProLyd AS.

(l-r) Christopher Briggs, ProLyd AS
and George Tander, Livingroom Studios
Jessup, MD (November 15, 2010)–API has placed API 1608 console in Norway, at Oslo-based Livingroom Studios, through the company’s newest representative, ProLyd AS.

According to George Tander, engineer/mixer at Livingroom Studios, acquiring the console is “a dream come true. I wanted a console that had modern routing and monitoring facilities that would give me a large, super solid, ‘punchy’ sound straight out of the box. Having used both a vintage 3216 and the newer Legacy, I knew the 1608 would make my job a lot easier and inspire my work.”

Tander started out as an assistant engineer in a well-established Norwegian studio before moving on to work as a recording engineer/mixer. Later traveling to London, Tander worked for producer Martin Terefe at Kensaltown Studios, where he recorded and mixed numerous international artists such as James Morrison, Travis, Ron Sexsmith, a-ha, Teitur and Yusuf Islam.

Now in his own studio, Tander said he chose to get a new console because he didn’t want to deal with ongoing maintenance and he wanted everything to work all of the time. “The 1608 fits my needs really well since I do both recording and mixing, plus it’s an amazing interface between Pro Tools and all of my outboard,” he said. “The routing is super flexible and well thought out. I’m also amazed at how many smart features the console has–the mic pres and EQs are phenomenal and the headroom goes on for days.”

Christopher Briggs, representative from ProLyd AS, is just as excited about Norway’s first 1608. “We are of course delighted about the new 1608, particularly about the ‘API sound’ and the flexibility it brings,” he said. “I’ve been in the business for fifteen years and have always had API on my ‘wish list’ of products to distribute. It’s great to work with a professional manufacturer who makes so many great products and provides such outstanding customer service.”