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Fishman Revamps Site

Fishman Transducers has launched its newly redesigned Website at

Fishman Transducers has launched its newly redesigned Website at Inaddition to a new graphic new look and feel, the site features thecompany’s line of products including undersaddle and magneticsoundhole pickups for acoustic guitar; pickups for violin, uprightbass, mandolin and banjo; Arch Top and Resophonic guitars pickups; drumtriggers, onboard and outboard preamp systems such as the Pro EQPlatinum, Pocket Blender, Prefix Series; and more.

The site also features the Fishman Powerbridge acoustic electricguitar pickups, such as the Power Bridge pickup for solid body electricguitars with the Powerblend pedal and Powerchip, the new tri-amplifiedLoudbox guitar amplifiers, and the new Fishman Aura Acoustic ImagingBlender, which allows acoustic musicians to achieve the best blend ofmicrophone and pickup sounds at high volume levels withoutfeedback.

Other information on includes product news and reviews,the latest from major trade shows, an online version of the latestproduct catalog, dealer information, artist and user information and aservice/support help line.

According to senior marketing communications manager, Larry Dalton,”Our creative partners on this project, Skeey Interactive, did anexceptional job in realizing our concept of a very player-centric site.This is a big step forward for Fishman on many levels.”