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The Noisettes Monitor Engineer Nahuel Gutierrez
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Having fewer faders was never an issue working with the POP Groups [on a Midas PRO6], which were my main way of mixing. And I set up one group of four V.I.P. channels in Area B so I could have each of the four vocals there all the time, with everyone pre-fader. This meant I had very quick control of the send for each performer. The console also has two solo buses so I was able to cue wedges or IEMs independently from each other and listen to any channel or either bus with the click of a button. A very handy feature is assignable rotary controls, allowing you to permanently assign a single parameter from any channel to a knob. I used this for the threshold of my gates, plus a couple of gain controls that I always wanted to have handy. It's a great thing being able to grab a particular control for a particular channel, and I was able to adjust the threshold of my gates just by looking at the metering page and moving the knobs.