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Fleetwood Mac – 1989 Interview Exerpts

The year was 1989, the studio was the Complex, the album was Behind the Mask. It's Fleetwood Mac, in their own words, from the Mix archives.

It was November 1989: They were minus Lindsay Buckingham. Theywatched the Berlin Wall fall on a big screen at the Complex in LosAngeles. Their hair was big. And they talked to Mix about the recordingof their new album, Behind the Mask. Here’s more onFleetwood Mac—in their own words, from the pages of Mix,March 1990.

Stevie Nicks on the fall of the Wall:
“We just played there last year…we played in West Berlin.I even have photos of the people in Fleetwood who went to East Berlin,standing right in front of the Wall. I didn’t want to go therebecause I was too frightened.”

Nicks on a different sort of reunion: theband:
It has been as much fun for me now as my solo career. There are nofights anymore, no disagreements. It’s like being in the greatesteight grade class in school. Everyone gets alongbeautifully.”

Mick Fleetwood on the new cohesiveness of theband:
“There’s a lot more interplay now. I think you will findit’s less insular sounding. Lindsay [Buckingham], especially onthe Tango in the Night album, was very, very much a part ofthe total sound.”

Producer Greg Ladanyi on working with FleetwoodMac:
“As a producer with the band, there are things that I am verycareful with. One of them is to let express themselves as a group a lotmore. From what I was told, a lot of the organizing came from Lindsay,and the way he wanted to do things. This time, they’re allcollectively putting in their thoughts, and I kind of just shove it alltogether.”