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Fox Hosts Bash


More than 400 party-goers attended the Neve 88RS inaguration party at 20th Century Fox Studios’ Newman Scoring Stage.

Photo: Justin Marx/Audio Agent

On March 29, Neve and Audio Agent threw a party at the Newman Scoring Stage on the 20th Century Fox lot in Century City, Calif., celebrating the installation of Neve’s top-of-the-line 88R console. The event was also in honor of Neve’s partnership with Audio Agent, a new sales and marketing company headed by David Christenson, with former Neve U.S. president John Hart as VP of marketing.

The spacious control room resembled the flight deck of the Starship Enterprise, and a good many attendees ogled the gleaming, Robin Porter-designed board. On the other side of the glass, the immense recording space was abuzz with cocktail-fueled networking involving members of the recording and movie businesses. They rapped it down amid a veritable forest of mic stands that remained in place following a Hans Zimmer orchestral session that afternoon. The great old room has a palpable vibe to it.