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Full Sail Adds Third Amek 9098i

Full Sail Real World Education recently installed and commissioned its third Amek 9098i.

Full Sail Real World Education recently installed and commissionedits third Amek 9098i. Serving as the heart of the school’s newStudio C, the fully loaded 72-channel desk is being used to teachsignal flow, automation and recall in the “Recording and MixingConsoles” course.

After employing a pair of 9098is for more than two yearsnow—including an identical 72-channel model in Studio A and a40-channel in Suite 1—Full Sail Recording Arts program directorBill Smith commented, “Aside from the fact that we love the soundof the desk, having several identical consoles provides us with maximumflexibility in scheduling; we can easily move projects between studiosin order to use our facility most efficiently. It also allows us tofine-tune the usage of each console for specific types of lab. Forexample, we don’t need to tie up a large tracking facility toteach automation; we can use one studio to track while another isteaching signal flow/automation and a third is doing overdubs. Thisallows our students to have the most effective learningexperience.”

Studio C, completed in July, is laid out for instruction andfeatures a large plasma display for console computer functions, ProTools display and video playback, as well as a large isolation boothfor teaching, tracking and overdubs. In addition to the new 9098i, theroom is equipped with a Pro Tools|HD system, Tascam MX-2424 hard diskrecorder, a myriad outboard signal processors and Dynaudio BM15Amonitors.

“To sum things up, we’ve been very happy with our9098is,” Smith added. “Not only do they sound fantastic,but they’ve proven themselves to be extremely reliable, and Idoubt that you could find more brutal conditions for a console! Ourstudents are working on these desks 24/7 and really putting themthrough their paces.”

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