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Funk Studios Opens New Studio A

Salt Lake City’s new Funk Studios has opened with three rooms, including its Studio A, centered around an SSL Duality desk.

Funk Studios' new Studio A control room is centered around an SSL Duality desk.
Funk Studios’ new Studio A control room is centered around a Solid State Logic Duality desk.

Salt Lake City, UT (May 8, 2020)—Veteran composer and songwriter Jim Funk has completed his namesake Funk Studios in Salt Lake City, Utah. Initially conceived as a two-room facility, the complex now has three rooms in order to handle projects of all styles and types, from vocal overdubs and mixing all the way up to large orchestral and choral tracking sessions. Key to the facility is its 1,300-square-foot Studio A tracking space, attached to a brand-new control room centered around a Solid State Logic Duality δelta Pro-Station SuperAnalogue console.

The massive Studio A tracking space, dubbed The Stage, offers 23-foot ceilings, custom variable acoustics and four iso booths, one housing a Yamaha C7 grand piano with Disklavier. The room, like the rest of the complex, was designed by Jerry Steckling of JSX Audio.

SSL Broadcast Tech Wins Queen’s Award

Studio A’s Duality desk isn’t alone, as there’s an SSL XL Desk in Studio B already. “I think a big part of the decision to go with the Duality was the experience I was having on the XL Desk for the first year that I was working for the company,” says recording engineer Stoker White, who works for Funk’s long-established musical theater production track recording business.

White says of the Duality, “I love the way it feels like a traditional analog desk, where everything is primarily accessible right on the channel strips instead of going back and forth to the center section. The filter is right there, and I love how easy it is to flip around the signal flow as far as where the EQs are landing relative to the insert points. It’s really intuitive and comfortable to work on. I love working on it — and it sounds great, too.”

Specifically, he says, “The console mic pres sound excellent. I’ve used them for 80 percent of my work since we’ve been open. They’re perfect for the orchestral tracking we’re doing.”

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