Furman Sound Series II Power Conditioners

Furman Sound introduced the Series II versions of its power conditioners, including PL-8, PL-PLUS, PL-PLUS D, PL-PRO, PL-PRO D, PM-8, PM-PRO and PS-PRO.

Furman Sound introduced the Series II versions of its powerconditioners, including PL-8, PL-PLUS, PL-PLUS D, PL-PRO, PL-PRO D,PM-8, PM-PRO and PS-PRO. All of the Series II units feature FurmanSound’s Series Mode Protection (SMP) technology, which alsofeatures its Linear Filter Technology (LiFT).

Furman's SMP offers unparalleled clamping voltage (57 percent of thesuppressed voltage specifications of USA/CIDA's A-1-1 test) at 188VACpeak, 133VAC. Additionally, Furman's over-voltage circuitry protectsagainst all frequent accidental connections to 208 or 240VAC byshutting off the incoming power until the over-voltage condition iscorrected.

All of the Series II units with rack lights feature new superbright,long-life, low-heat retractable LED lights (replacing thecompany’s standard 5-watt incandescent) and a BNC back panelconnector to accommodate a gooseneck lamp for rear-rack illumination.The Series II units are each designed to fit in a standard 19-inch rackoccupying one rack-unit space, and each features a front panel-mountedconvenience outlet.

According to Furman Sound’s sales engineer, Garth Powell,"Even though we are power experts, we have always strived to createpower products that extract the ultimate sonic and visual performancefrom any system. It's not enough to protect sound and video products,Furman ensures they perform to their full potential."

For more information, visit www.furmansound.com/pro/pwr_cond_seq/index.htm. Formore new sound reinforcement products, visit mixonline.com/live_sound_products/index.htm. Toread Mix's NSCA show report, visit mixonline.com/ar/audio_nsca_show_report/index.htm.