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Garden Grows with SSL

Brooklyn's The Garden has added a Solid State Logic AWS hybrid console/controller.

Brooklyn, NY (July 30, 2013)—Brooklyn’s The Garden has added a Solid State Logic AWS hybrid console/controller.

“I’ve been in the studio business for more than 24 years, but with The Garden, I wanted to create a mixing studio that could handle the way contemporary artists create and record music,” says Drew Vogelman, owner and mix engineer. A mix and dubbing studio in the heart of Brooklyn featuring an outdoor, namesake garden lounge area, the facility consists of a large control room and drum kit-sized dubbing room.

“Workflow over the years has changed from all analogue and tape to completely DAW-centric, and everything in between. While there is a lot of talk in the industry about in-the-box versus out-of-the-box, it’s really about how you effectively maximize both worlds to get the best final sound. SSL really hit the nail on the head when they developed the AWS and our clients are pleased as well.”

He recalled a recent try-it-out deal made with an English producer who just completed a project for a budding artist in Chicago. “I listened to one of the tracks from the Chicago sessions at a mutual friend’s house and made the offer of mixing the track on the SSL and if all went well, we would continue from there,” Vogelman relates. “This project was good having been mixed in-the-box; however, when anything is put through the AWS, it brings the sonic quality to a whole new level. Long story short, he flew in, we mixed the first song and he was just blown away by having not just the flexibility of the analogue workflow, but the sonic quality. The AWS is a great creative tool and good for the bottom line. This console attracts business.”

Solid State Logic