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GC Pro Adds Horsepower to Slang

Westlake Village, CA (December 8, 2011)—Vince Lawrence's Slang Musicgroup in Chicago recently turned to GC Pro when upgrading the company's production studio.

Westlake Village, CA (December 8, 2011)—Vince Lawrence’s Slang Musicgroup in Chicago recently turned to GC Pro when upgrading the company’s production studio.

Lawrence first entered the music business as an artist and entrepreneur who helped introduce house music worldwide, then as a composer, producer and remixer in the worlds of music and brand marketing. A studio owner for many years, Lawrence, founder and CEO of Slang Musicgroup and a Chicago resident since birth, has amassed a collection of recording hardware and instruments, but with so much now being produced in the box, the facility’s main computer needed an upgrade.

“We wanted to take advantage of some more horsepower in other programs that we were using outside of Pro Tools,” says Lawrence. “[W]e also took the opportunity to isolate some of the noisier equipment.”

Dan Scalpone, GC Pro regional manager, South Central U.S. and another longtime resident of Chicago, spearheaded the project for GC Pro. “[Vince] wanted to update his Apple OS to Leopard, and naturally he had to upgrade Pro Tools, and he wanted to upgrade his computer. He bought a 12-core Mac and a bunch of hard drives with a Magma chassis. He also got some extra RAM, plus the additional cards for Pro Tools.” A new 20-unit IsoBox rack from Sound Construction houses the gear and keeps the noise floor down.

Software purchases included Pro Tools 9 (shortly to be upgraded to v10), Vienna Ensemble, Native Instruments’ Komplete and Maschine, Spectrasonics’ Omnisphere and Arturia’s collection of VST instruments. With the installation of Apple’s Leopard OS, Lawrence upgraded the studio’s Waves Mercury plug-in bundle and added the Abbey Road Studios bundle. The processing plug-in collection was further expanded with iZotope’s Stutter Edit, Elysia’s mpressor and the SPL Tube Vitalizer. The upgrade included a single item of outboard processing hardware, an API 2500 stereo compressor.

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