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GCPro Adds High-End Tech Support

Guitar Center Professional has launched a new Technical Support Group initiative.

New York (June 27, 2011)–Guitar Center Professional has launched a new Technical Support Group initiative.

The program will provide a number of technical support services, including customized Macintosh-based audio systems solutions for clients in all of the technology areas it serves, including recording studios, post production facilities and installed A/V. The Technical Support Group concept kicks off with the addition of two new full-time GC Pro engineered/installed sound technicians, one based in the New York City GC Pro location starting in July, 2011, and another at GC Pro’s Hollywood, CA location since May, 2011. Additional personnel for the Technical Support Group are planned for other GC Pro locations in the U.S. in the future.

A key area that the Technical Support Group will focus on will be designing and building Mac-based audio systems that are equipped with the customers’ specifications for hard drives, video cards, RAM and other parameters. The Group will also provide the service of loading and authorizing the customer’s plug-in packages and integrating key applications including Avid’s Pro Tools HD systems and others, creating a turnkey configuration recording system in-house that is also pre-tested, fully documented and ready to deliver to the customer in a plug-and-play configuration anywhere in the United States.

GC Pro Director Rick Plushner states, “Our customers will be able to order CTO Mac Systems on a nationwide basis with on-site installations in the New York and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Going forward, we’ll add additional services and locations. These new services are fully integrated with our GC Pro Affiliates program, offering top architectural studio designers, acoustical designers, systems integration companies and technical services outfits nationwide. This provides new synergy enabling GC Pro to better service the audio industry.”

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