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G&E Music Upgrades Studio

New York City-based G&E Music's team of sound designer/songwriter/music mixers have redesigned and renovated their facility, including adding a 5.1 mix

New York City-based G&E Music’s team of sounddesigner/songwriter/music mixers have redesigned and renovated theirfacility, including adding a 5.1 mix room and an isolation booth into aspace formerly designated as a stereo mixing and editing room.

Outfitted for 5.1 Dolby Digital mixing, the new Studio A features anNHT Pro surround monitoring system, Audient ASP 510 surround soundcontroller, Pro Tools MIXPlus system, Sony 32-inch Vega Trinitron forlock-to-picture requirements, and new mic preamps from Avalon and Amek.The studio also features a versatile MIDI/keyboard/soft synth setup forcomposing. G&E’s Studio B functions as a stereorecording/mixing/composing suite, powered by a Pro Tools MIXPlussystem, a slew of processing and effects gear, and a variety ofinstruments.

G&E focuses on broadcast design, show packaging, original musicfor film and television, commercial spots, promotional videos andoriginal songs for artist development. The Acoustic Systems’ isolationbooth enhances G&E’s capabilities for voice-over work, as well asfor vocal and instrumental overdubs. Built into Studio A, thevoice-over booth works as an isolated recording space for both studios.G&E has also made aesthetic improvements, such as adding new woodfloors to its studio space and double-sliding-glass doors in betweenStudios A and B for improved isolation.

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