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Genelec Connects Movie Soundtracks

Mike Knobloch, president of global film music and publishing for Universal Pictures, has been turning to Genelecs.

Los Angeles, CA (November 29, 2018)—Genelec monitoring is the common thread running through Grammy-nominated producer, music supervisor and studio executive Mike Knobloch’s diverse portfolio of soundtracks, which include the Fifty Shades of Grey, Fast & Furious and Pitch Perfect franchises.

Mike Knobloch, president of global film music and publishing for Universal Pictures since 2010 (after 13 years as EVP of music at 20th Century Fox) has worked on dozens of major motion pictures. His credits also include the Despicable Me and Jurassic World franchises along with blockbusters Les Misérables, The Bourne Legacy and Sing.

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Knobloch’s office on the Universal Pictures lot in Universal City, CA, is currently home to three sets of Genelec monitoring systems: a pair of 1032C Smart Active Monitors and a Genelec 7370A Smart Active Subwoofer are on stands on either side of the flat-panel video display in his office; a pair of 8330A Smart Active Monitors and a 7350 Smart Active Subwoofer are at his desk; and two 1237A Smart Active Monitors and a 7380 Smart Active Subwoofer fill the office’s conference room.

“I spend an enormous amount of time in music studios, post studios, high-end recording studios and dubbing stages,” says Knobloch. “You get to know the brands and the trends in monitoring, and Genelec speakers are the ones that are the common thread through all of them. They’re the most accurate, reliable monitors out there. No bells, no whistles, just accurate sound. In this business, you have people zapping audio files around all the time, looking for notes and input on songs and mixes, and mixes are done all over the place.

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“Having Genelec everywhere in every critical monitoring environment that I use every day means that I get a consistent listening experience in every room.” Knobloch’s 1032s are connected to an Apogee Duet interface with his Apple Mac Pro, providing a monitoring solution for A/Bing streaming tracks and works-in-progress. “It could be a movie mix or a television show theme song, everyone hears what the producers intended,” he says.

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