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Genelec Influences Influencer-Oriented Studio

PNDA Studios caters to internet influencers with a sound—and look—that matches their aesthetic.

Haddonfield, NJ (March 20, 2020)—For the latest iteration of his PNDA Studios workspace, engineer and producer Tyler Costantino — TyCo, to his friends and colleagues — upgraded his Genelec speakers to 8361A 3-way coaxial Smart Active studio monitors.

TyCo first heard Genelec 1031s as a student at Full Sail. “I fell in love with them immediately. When it came time for my first studio, which was more traditional, I went with the 8050s. I stayed with those for eight years,” he says.

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“The 8361s give me the sound, the low end, that I need to mix pop and R&B records without the need for a sub. I can turn them up and not lose the sound quality. They’re the perfect speakers for what I do. And they look great,” he says.

TyCo’s PNDA Studios, in Haddonfield, NJ, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, are emblematic of how music production has evolved with the rise of social media. He and his partner, Kate Nece, who does video editing, have some of what would be considered traditional music clients, including several successful singer-songwriters.

But much of PNDA’s clientele stems from TyCo’s take on how music and social media intertwine. He produces and also manages several high-profile influencers, creatives whose talents are often less traditional but no less impactful on a digital landscape.

They include Mark Thomas, aka Duhitzmark, who boasts millions of followers and was one of the first and biggest stars on the social media app (later merged with TikTok), Nashville country/pop artist Dalton Mauldin, and JJ Hannon, whose Instagram account has 1.3 million followers. TyCo, knowing the influencer space on all social media platforms, has also used TikTok to market artists for major record labels. Collectively, PNDA’s network of influencers has over 500 million followers and has millions of fans on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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