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Geoff Emerick, Shure to Receive 2003 Technical Grammy Awards

Grammy-winning engineer Geoff Emerick and audio equipment manufacturer Shure Incorporated have been named the recipients of the 2003 Technical Grammy

Grammy-winning engineer Geoff Emerick and audio equipmentmanufacturer Shure Incorporated have been named the recipients of the2003 Technical Grammy Award. The Technical Grammy Award is presented toindividuals and/or companies who have made contributions of outstandingtechnical significance to the recording field.

Formal acknowledgment of the Technical Grammys will be made onFebruary 22 at an event surrounding the 45th Annual Grammy Awardsceremony, which will be held at New York’s Madison Square Garden onFebruary 23. This year, the Academy, CBS and Cossette Productions arebreaking new ground by providing the Grammy Awards in High-DefinitionTV and 5.1 surround sound.

“The creative fearlessness of Geoff Emerick and the immeasurablecontribution that Shure Incorporated has made to the world of audio arethe achievements of true visionaries,” said Producer & EngineersWing director Leslie Lewis. “Emerick’s groundbreaking and skillfultechniques continue to inspire generations, and Shure’s audio equipmentconsistently sets the standard for excellence. The world would havesounded very different without the contributions of our honorees.”

The first Technical Grammy was awarded in 1994; past winners includeRobert Moog, Apple Computer, Les Paul, Digidesign’s Pro Tools, Dr.Thomas Stockham Jr., Ray Dolby, Rupert Neve, George Massenburg,Sony/Philips, Georg Neumann GmbH, Bill Putnam and AMS Neve.

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