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Gepco Now Shipping Test Certification With HD Video Co-Ax Cables

Gepco International has announced they are including a comprehensive electrical and mechanical test report for every reel now shipping of their HD video co-ax cables.

Gepco International has announced they are including a comprehensiveelectrical and mechanical test report for every reel now shipping oftheir HD video co-ax cables. This new documentation and certificationprocess, which is an added extension to Gepco’s existing andcomprehensive quality-control process, ensures the highest level ofperformance and confidence when installing High-Definition and SDIdigital video interconnect systems in critical broadcast or productionfacilities.

Documentation for each reel includes measurements of attenuation andreturn-loss, impedance and velocity of propagation. In addition, allrelevant electrical measurements are swept-test across the entire 3GHzbandwidth of the cable. Critical mechanical measurements such asconductor centering, ovality and outer-diameters are also provided tofurther ensure optimal signal transmission, as well as proper connectortermination. All test report data is clearly printed on a single label,attached to each reel, archived by Gepco and available if replacementdocumentation should be required.

“Gepco is extremely proud to offer this new service to thebroadcast and pro-video industry,” says Gary Geppert, CEO/CTO ofGepco International. “Through our extensive R&D andproprietary manufacturing procedures, Gepco has been able to tightlycontrol all electrical and mechanical attributes of our HD coaxialcables. By providing individual certification for each reel, Gepco HDco-ax can deliver the highest level of confidence in demandinghigh-definition video applications where extremely accurate, high-speeddata transmission is required.”

Gepco International Inc., with headquarters in Des Plaines, IL, anda branch location in Burbank, CA, has been a provider of studio andbroadcast audio and video cables for more than 20 years. The companyalso specializes in manufacturing custom cable assemblies, panels,patch bay harnesses and breakout boxes. In addition, Gepco stocks anddistributes connectors, patchbays and other cable-related products. Formore information, visit the Gepco Website at