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Get Hip With APM

Associated Production Music—a joint venture of EMI Music Publishing and BMG Music Publishing—has released a new collection of hip hop music exclusively

Associated Production Music—a joint venture of EMI MusicPublishing and BMG Music Publishing—has released a new collectionof hip hop music exclusively for production use, distributed throughVision Music Publishing, a start-up music library company.

“Some of the best urban music comes from very humble beginnings,”said Reggie Wilson, who founded Vision Music Publishing with partnersBrenton Gilmore and Alonzo Robinson. “Vision Music Publishing offersfilm and television producers hard-hitting, honest hip hop music directfrom the hood. We also give talented, young artists a prominent vehiclefor exposure.”

“Through relationships with producers and artists like Reggie Wilsonand Kevin Winston, we help give talented young artists a voice, andprovide our clients with the latest hip hop musical styles andformats,” said Adam Taylor, president of APM.

Vision Music debuts two new compact discs: Ghetto Vision andGhetto Vision—The Truth. Both CDs feature eight original,full-length main tracks with fast-paced and rhyme-style vocals andinstrumental underscores featuring predominantly West Coast and DirtySouth elements. All tracks are supplemented with 30- and 60-secondversions.

APM provides direct access to its libraries through the PLAY MusicFinder, a proprietary search and download system that is accessible