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Gibson’s Guitartown Takes a Stand for Public Arts

Gibson Guitar CEO and Guitartown honorary chairman, Henry Juszkiewicz (pictured, center) presents the first two 10-foot-tall fiberglass guitars

Gibson Guitar CEO and Guitartown honorary chairman, HenryJuszkiewicz (pictured, center) presents the first two 10-foot-tallfiberglass guitars to world-renowned fashion designer Manuel (at left)and Hatch Showprints artist Jim Sherraden in Nashville. Guitartown is apublic arts project that will feature 50 of the giant guitarsculptures–25 Gibson Les Paul models and 25 Gibson Chet Atkins CountryGentleman models– to be artistically designed by local andnationally acclaimed visual artists and placed throughout Nashville infront of the city’s landmarks and businesses for a period ofone year. Manuel’s Les Paul and Sherraden’s Chet Atkins are the firsttwo to be placed. A special unveiling of the completed sculptures willtake place later this year.

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