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Gobbler Unveils Cloud-Based Backup Service for Pro Audio

San Francisco, CA (February 25, 2011)--Gobbler has unveiled an all-in-one software service to organize, backup and share pro audio projects.

San Francisco, CA (February 25, 2011)–Gobbler has unveiled an all-in-one software service to organize, backup and share pro audio projects.

Founded by brother-sister team Chris and Jamie Kantrowitz, the cloud-based management system designed for the pro audio projects debuted at LAUNCH in San Francisco.

“Audio projects are large and incredibly complex,” said Chris Kantrowitz, CEO and creator of Gobbler. “A single project may consist of thousands of files, and hundreds of iterations can be made during the creation process. Until now, the pro audio community has had to string together a series of generic tools to manage workflow, collaborate and store files. After witnessing the frustrating technical limitations this caused, we created Gobbler as the first all-in-one workflow service with cloud-based backup and collaboration built specifically for the pro audio community. We plan to start with pro audio and expand to other specialized fields that face the same kinds of problems.”

The challenges faced by the pro audio community reflect a universal trend. “The data universe is becoming clogged with large files that are often replicated multiple times,” explained Gobbler investor, Sky Dayton. “File size growth is outpacing bandwidth growth. Gobbler is a great solution to a problem faced by a specific market and has the potential to address other verticals in the future.”

Gobbler reportedly features intelligent and secure cloud backup designed for audio files, securing in-production and finished projects. Gobbler’s “set it and forget it” backup reportedly will monitor and catalog files on all drives, internal and external, and reduce administrative demands on users. Gobbler also tracks projects as they progress, taking snapshots along the way that allow users to revert previous versions.

Gobbler provides file transfer with no size limitations and only sends changes back and forth while maintaining the history and integrity of every file. Users enter an e-mail address, select a file and send.

Gobbler is available in free Beta for Mac users, and can be downloaded at the Gobbler website. The subscription-based service, with pricing expected to start as low as $10 a month, will launch out of beta this year with additional features. A PC version is also in development.