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Griffin Church Receives New Sound System

Recently, Griffin First Assembly of God moved into a new facility located near the Atlanta airport. Television Production Service (TPS), a local professional

Recently, Griffin First Assembly of God moved into a new facilitylocated near the Atlanta airport. Television Production Service (TPS),a local professional lighting company, implemented lighting systems forthe new church, while members of Griffin’s technical ministry installedthe video systems. dB Acoustics & Sound Inc. (Gainesville, Ga.)oversaw acoustics and the design and installation of the new audiosystems.

dB Acoustics & Sound’s president Mike Hedden specified anexploded mono loudspeaker design. The center cluster is comprises fourSPL-td1s by Sound Physics Labs supplemented by two SPL-td1 subwoofers.The left and right cluster each feature an SPL-trik loudspeakercovering the extreme edges of the seating area, and an SPL B-DEAPsubwoofer for the low end. “The SPL B-DEAP subwoofers are trulyamazing!” Hedden said. “I am not aware of any other subwoofer systemthat can supply 118 dB at 30 Hz uniformly across a room that seats over3,000 people—with only two cabinets!”

Hedden, who has dubbed Griffin First Assembly of God the “biggestroom on the south side of Atlanta,” is relying on SPL loudspeakers onan increasing basis. “The ratio between performance and the amount ofsignal processing is unparalleled, and the arrayability is off thescale,” he said, noting that the speakers are designed with roomaesthetics in mind. “I want to have similar frequency responsethroughout the auditorium, and still for the amount of horsepower theyput out, they are extremely unobtrusive. Griffin’s space is a veryperformance-oriented room with black ceilings and catwalks, but westill didn’t want to forget about the aesthetics. These speakers justdisappear.”

Additional equipment included two Yamaha 01V96 audio consoles linkedtogether at front of house. Monitoring is achieved through Aviompersonal monitoring systems.

For more information, visit dB Acoustics at or SoundPhysics Labs at