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Groove Tubes

GROOVE TUBES MODEL 1BNovember 2002—Groove Tubes’ Model 1B (distributed by M-Audio, is a reissue of its legendary Model 1A side-address

March 2008— Groove Tubes ( lived up to its moniker with the new Velo 8T ($1,199) tube ribbon mic. It comes with a spare engine that the user can easily swap out should the ribbon get damaged.

October 2006—Studio condenser microphone. Medium-sized all-brass capsule, top-address design, interchangable capsules for multiple patterns (optional omni and supercardoid), ¾-inch diameter, 6-micron evaporated-gold diaphragm, Class-A FET electronics, -15dB attenuation pad, 75Hz low-frequency roll-off switch.

October 2006—Studio condenser tube microphone. Large all-brass capsule, single-pattern side-address design, 1.1-inch diameter, 3-micron evaporated-gold diaphragm, full-frequency Disk Resonator technology, Class-A tube electronics, -10dB attenuation pad, 75Hz LF roll-off switch. (Also available as the model GT50, with Class-A FET electronics).

July 2005—The GT Convertible ($149) from Groove Tubes is a unique condenser design featuring a removable round windscreen that converts the mic from vocal to instrument use for stage or studio. Built on a Groove Tubes GT44 body, the GT Convertible features a 6-micron diaphragm, low-noise FET circuitry and internal rubber shock-mount. A gentle presence peak starting at 2 kHz increases clarity and detail. The mic’s steel ball windscreen protects the mic from abuse and the elements, quickly unscrewing for instrument use. A hypercardioid pattern minimizes leakage and increase feedback before gain. Frequency response is 20 to 18k Hz with a max. SPL of 146 dB (1% THD); impedance is 200 ohms.

June 2005—A hypercardioid FET condenser for handheld vocals, the $149 Groove Tubes GT Convertible features a removable ball windscreen that converts the mic for instrument miking use.

August 2003—The vintage-inspired $699 GT Model 1b and $399 GT Model 1b-FET from Groove Tubes are part of a full redesign of the original GT mics, although the company’s 1.1-inch, 3-micron “Disk” diaphragm design is still implemented in each. More recent GT releases are the MD1b-FET ($399) and MD1b Tube ($699), both revamped versions of the company’s original MD1 condensers that debuted 11 years ago. The Tube now sports the larger 1.1-inch diaphragm and includes a JAN spec tube, as well as hard-mount and shock-mount, power supply and cable. The MD1b-FET is a Class-A reissued version of the MD1.

November 2002—Groove Tubes’ Model 1B is a reissue of its legendary
Model 1A side-address true condenser, with a 1.10-inch diameter capsule and either tube or FET electronics.

October 2002—The Groove Tubes Model 1B is an excellent mic,
delivering better performance and sound than prestigious mics costing
much more. This enhanced reissue of our legendary Model 1A
side-address, true condenser features a hand-assembled 1.10-inch
diameter capsule with an amazingly thin 3-micron evaporated-gold
diaphragm. Groove Tubes’ rigorous quality control also ensures that

your mic is within ±1 dB of our “golden mic” spec. Available in
tube or FET versions.

July 2002—Midiman is distributing a new line of Groove Tubes
studio condenser mics. The six different models include medium- and
large-diaphragm models (tube or FET). All have ultrathin,
evaporated-gold diaphragms and measure within ±1 dB of a standard
reference mic, so matched pairs are available at no additional cost.
Top of the new line is the GT66, a cardioid, side-address design with
Class-A tube electronics, -10dB attenuation pad and a 75Hz
low-frequency roll-off switch. The GT67 adds multiple polar patterns,
while the GT55 Studio FET replaces the GT66’s tube with FET circuitry.
Other models include the GT57 Studio FET multipattern condenser, the
GT44 Studio Tube and the GT33 Studio FET. The cardioid GT44 and GT33
feature interchangeable capsules (omni or supercardioid).

GROOVE TUBES GT-66/55/44/33
January 2002—Now independent of Alesis, Groove Tubes showed a
full line of new mics at the fall 2001 AES, featuring the GT66, a
1.10-inch diaphragm cardioid model with 6205 Triode tube electronics
and 20kHz bandwidth. Retail is $1,099, with shockmount and power
supply. The GT55 puts the same large capsule in a Class-A FET version
that’s $599. GT also debuted some cool mid-sized (3/4-inch diaphragm)
mics with cardioid capules (interchangeable omni or hypercardioid
elements are optional) in a choice of Class-A FET (GT33, $599) or tube
(GT44, $999) flavors.