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Music Production

Grundman Cuts Quad Disc Live

The session was a highlight of the recent Making Vinyl conference.

Hollywood, CA (October 22, 2019)—Bernie Grundman Mastering has cut the first ever all-analog live quadraphonic direct-to-disc recording as a gift for attendees at the 2019 Making Vinyl conference in Hollywood, at which Grundman was honored with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Grundman cut the historic quad record with singer/songwriter Alex Lilly at his mastering facility in Hollywood, just down the street from the ceremony where guitarist Steve Vai presented him with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Grundman is one of the few currently working mastering engineers in the world who worked with original quadraphonic formats in the 1970s.

Suzanne Ciani Gets Loud at the Library

Last year, Grundman participated in the mastering of Suzanne Ciani’s 2018 LIVE Quadrophonic, the first quad LP in more than 30 years. KamranV, producer of both the Lilly and Ciani projects, says, “When first researching the possibility of rebirthing quadraphonic vinyl for Suzanne’s record, Bernie was one of the first people that I spoke with. His guidance has paved the way for spatial music creation of the past, present and future. This quad direct-to-disc, cut by the master himself, is just another example of how forward-thinking Bernie has always been.”

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This latest direct-to-disc session was engineered and mixed by BGM mastering engineer Scott Sedillo using BGM custom consoles and Sedillo’s Pueblo Audio microphone pre-amplifiers. Making Vinyl attendees received copies of the discs which were swiftly cut and pressed in less than a week with the support of Making Vinyl, Rainbo Records, NiPro Optics, Phonocut, CyKiK and Bernie Grundman Mastering.

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