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Hamilton Adds A-Designs

Los Angeles, CA (December 6, 2010)--Bass player Reggie Hamilton's collection of A-Designs Audio products now includes numerous 500 Series modules.

Los Angeles, CA (December 6, 2010)–Bass player Reggie Hamilton’s collection of A-Designs Audio products now includes numerous 500 Series modules.

Over the past two decades, Hamilton, a longtime endorser of the REDDI tube DI box, has made his mark in Los Angeles as a prolific session and touring bass player, recently returning from a worldwide tour with Italian pop-star Eros Ramazzotti. “With my MacBook Pro, M-Audio monitors, the EM-Gold and BAC-500, I was able to do quite a bit of session work while out on Eros’ tour, either in my hotel room or backstage after soundcheck. The audio quality that I now get with this little modular setup is just ridiculously good. Listening to the tracks, you would never know that they weren’t recorded in a dedicated studio. And it all fits into a small suitcase, instead of hundreds of pounds of Anvil cases.”

When recording his 3/4-scale upright bass equipped with a Fishman Pocket Blender, Hamilton relies on this same signal chain, but pairs it with a mic channel using a few more A-Designs 500 Series modules. “For a bit more sonic variety, I like to also put up a Neumann FET U47 that feeds into a P1 preamplifier and then on to an EM-PEQ Pultec-style EQ in the event that I want to tweak something before it goes to tape. In the past, I’ve had to fight engineers to let me use this channel setup, but once they hear how good the sound is, they ‘get’ it. It’s the best upright sound. Period.”

He adds, “I wasn’t really sold on the 500 Series until I tried the P1. I picked one up because I had used a Pacifica in the studio with Tony Shepperd and really liked it. So I tried out a P1 and an EM-PEQ, because the BAC-500 wasn’t available at the time, and I literally fell in love. That setup with the REDDI was fantastic.”

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