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Hartley Peavey Receives Honorary Doctorate from Alma Mater

Mississippi State University honored Peavey Electronics Corp. founder Hartley Peavey with an honorary doctorate during its commencement ceremony on May 8.

Mississippi State University honored Peavey Electronics Corp.founder Hartley Peavey with an honorary doctorate during itscommencement ceremony on May 8. Peavey also delivered the keynoteaddress to 2,000-plus graduates.

As a tribute to the global success Peavey has achieved with hismusical instrument and sound equipment company—which he foundedin 1965, the same year he graduated from MSU—the state’s largestuniversity presented him with an honorary doctor of creative andperforming arts degree.

Since founding his company 39 years ago, Peavey Electronics hasgrown into one of the largest, most diversified, independently ownedsuppliers of musical instruments and professional sound equipment inthe world. Peavey manufactures more than 2,000 products, includingguitars, basses and drums, as well as mixers, amplifiers andloudspeakers. The company also designed signature product lines withguitar legends Edward Van Halen and Joe Satriani.

Peavey’s audio and communication systems are used in entertainmentvenues from the Sydney Opera House in Australia to the OprylandConvention Center to the Las Vegas Strip; in government buildings fromthe U.S. Senate Chamber to the parliament houses of China and Russia;in more than one-fourth of all NFL football stadiums; and in themeparks, shopping malls and airports around the world.

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