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Hay Hies to Telefunken’s Lab

Hay puts Telefunken mics to work.

South Windsor, CT (July 8, 2019)—Men At Work frontman, recording artist and actor Colin Hay recently stopped in at Telefunken Elektroakustik’s headquarters to film a new version of his hit “Overkill” for the company’s popular Live from the Lab series.

“I go back to when Toni Fishman first started the company,” Hay recalls. “When Toni was in LA, he came up to my studio and let me try out an ELA M 251E, which I acquired and have used ever since, especially for vocals. And then I just fell in love with different models and got a stereo pair of AK-47 MkIIs. I love recording acoustic instruments, guitars, horns, piano and my Telefunkens are always in use.”

Telefunken Unveils Alchemy Microphones

During the 1980s, Men At Work sold more than 20 million albums and scored hits with “Down Under,” “Overkill” and “Who Can It Be Now?” before Hay launched his solo career as singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He currently resides in LA and has recorded a succession of albums at his fully equipped home studio. Hay has also developed a second career as a stage actor and is seen in popular films and TV shows.

Regarding his AK-47 MkII microphones, Hay says, “There are always situations in the studio where I want to have a stereo signal coming in, for acoustic guitars, electric guitars, piano, or just recording a bunch of people in the one room. It’s a beautiful sounding mic, and to have a stereo pair is incredibly handy.”

With over 174 unique videos and over 1 million combined views on Telefunken’s YouTube channel (including 40,000 for Hay’s), Live from the Lab is filmed and recorded at the company’s South Windsor, CT, facility and offers fans the ability to download un-mixed multi-track files of the performances.

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“The Live from the Lab series grew out of our need to push the limits of research, test and development of our new microphones,” says Alan Venitosh, Telefunken Elektroakustik’s director of operations. “We are able to take the product right from the technician’s bench to the soundstage and run them through real-life applications with world class artists and performers as the test subjects.”

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