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High Fidelity Mastering Opens


Andy Rogulich poses in his new studio, High Fidelity Mastering.

Engineer Andy Rogulich’s new studio, High Fidelity Mastering (Albuquerque, N.M.), went online near the end of 2007. High Fidelity is a 7.1 surround facility, centered around the Rupert Neve-designed Legendary Audio Masterpiece mastering system; the monitors are B&W Nautilus 800s powered by Crown DO-2000 interface velocity-controlled amps. He also uses outboard processing from TC Electronic, dbx, Focusrite, Lexicon and Symetrix. Rogulich says he built the new studio to be as flexible as possible; in a relatively small market, he’s got to be able to do it all. β€œI wanted to have a facility where I could do standard mastering work and have complete restoration capability, as well as conversion to surround sound,” Rogulich says. β€œIn the past couple of years, New Mexico has made a big push to encourage the film industry to produce movies and TV shows in and around Albuquerque, so it also made sense to include the capability to master in reverb effects for TV and film.”