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Hit Factory Invests In SSL K Series Consoles

The Hit Factory (New York City) has purchased two of Solid State Logic’s new XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue consoles for its soon-to-be-completed Studio

The Hit Factory (New York City) has purchased two of Solid StateLogic’s new XL 9000 K Series SuperAnalogue consoles for itssoon-to-be-completed Studio 6 and Studio 7 in its main headquarters inNew York City. With an ongoing 18-year relationship with SSL involving24 consoles, the Hit Factory has successfully recorded artists in rock,pop, R&B and hip hop.

“The XL is a ‘J’ Series console on steroids, and that’sexactly what we wanted for these two rooms,” said Troy Germano, CEO ofthe Hit Factory. “The XL has the power and flexibility to go back andforth between regular stereo mixing and 5.1 for DVD-Audio and SACD. Wefeel that these multiformat options are what we need to continuegrowing within our industry, especially since they are being set upwith 5.1, just like we did in our Miami rooms.”

The Hit Factory’s XL 9000 K’s are identical 80-channelconsoles with the focus of the larger Studio 6 on tracking and mixing,while Studio 7 is used for mixing and overdubbing.

“One of the reasons we purchased two consoles was to allow clientsto go back and forth between the two rooms,” Germano explains. “Thisnecessitated making both control rooms identical to accommodate ourclients. In addition, we’re also excited about the remote mic preoption, which will be installed in Studio 6. We expect to be onlinewith both rooms toward the end of April, and anticipate strong bookingsfrom the beginning.”

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