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Hitmaking Studio Gets Into Label Biz

Avatar Recording Studio's Harvey J. Rosen (president, COO) and Kirk Imamura (chairman, CEO) have formed 441 Records Corporation ( within the studio's 441 West 53rd St., New York complex.

Avatar Recording Studio’s Harvey J. Rosen (president, COO) and KirkImamura (chairman, CEO) have formed 441 Records Corporation ( within the studio’s 441 West53rd St., New York complex.

According to Rosen, “For years, Avatar’s management wasastonished that dozens of great, world-renowned jazz albums recorded atAvatar Studios were never made available for sale in the U.S. However,they did well in foreign markets. That said, 441 Records’ initialmission is to market in the U.S. much of the jazz music recorded ormixed at Avatar. Our goal is to take the enormous care that goes intorecording and extend it to the process of packaging, marketing anddistribution.”

The first releases for the label include Joe Chambers and his trio’sUrban Grooves, Waltz for Debbie by pianist Don Friedman and histrio, and Itacuruca by Brazilian jazz vocalist PamelaDriggs.

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