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Music Production

Homerecords Brings On Prism Sound

Gear key to jazz, classical, contemporary and world music label’s sound.

Cambridge, UK (November 16, 2018)—Michel Van Achter, the founder and owner of Belgian record label Homerecords, recently purchased three Prism Sound Atlas audio interfaces for his two-room facility in Liège.

The interfaces provide 24 mix preamps and 24 channels of AD/DA conversion, while the mixing and mastering room has three Prism Sound Titan audio interfaces, providing 24 analog outputs. Van Achter has also specified Prism Sound’s MDIO-HDX cards for each unit so that they all interface with the Pro Tools systems he is running in both studios.

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“I am really impressed with these interfaces, particularly the Titan units,” Van Achter says. “Although I have had plenty of experience of Prism Sound converters in mastering studios, I was completely amazed the first time I listened to one of my mixes through a Titan. On that occasion I was working on an Abu album (featuring Baba Sissoko) with Iranian musician producer Afra Mussawisade. The Titan was so much better—the quality of the AD/DA conversion was outstanding.”

“I use them all the time now,” he says. “If I need an uncolored opened sound with very high dynamic range I go straight through Prism Sound units.”

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Van Achter, a 30-year pro audio industry veteran, founded Homerecords in 2004 and describes the label as “at the crossroads of jazz, classical, contemporary and world music.” With more than 200 albums to its credit, Homerecords artists include Ialma, Karim Baggili, Wouter Vandenabeele, Didier Laloy, Samson Schmitt, Aranis, Zefiro Torna and Baba Sissoko.

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