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Innovason Sy80 Handles BBC’s Top of the Pops

When the BBC decided to revamp Top of the Pops it committed itself to live broadcast and live performances.

When the BBC decided to revamp Top of the Pops it committeditself to live broadcast and live performances. The new InnovaSON Sy80digital console (pictured at right) was chosen to handle the highlydemanding job of mixing sound for the audience P.A. system plusfold-back for the performing artists.

Live studio sound is being handled by SSE. Mixer Chris Trimby,permanently assigned to the show, explains, “Now it is live to air, theshow has changed completely. Previously we would record one band thenstop, set-up and record the next. Now of course we have to go directlyfrom one to the next. This meant that we needed more inputs and outputs(because we don’t have time to patch) and that’s one of the mainreasons we decided to use the InnovaSON Sy80.”

TOTP used to employ up to five stages to record the show but the newstreamlined, live show uses two, occasionally three. In the newconfiguration the Sy80 offers a number of benefits to the show’sproducers: turn-around time is accelerated, only one console isrequired, at just 1.65m wide a great deal of space is saved,configuration and routing is simplified and there is no danger ofrunning out of channels.

Since the all new TOTP went live towards the end of 2003, live actshave included Starsailor, Kings of Leon, Black Eyed Peas, Busted, MattGoss, Graham Lyle, Will Young and Alisha Keys.