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Inside Jacquire King’s New Personal Studio

Take a peek inside the personal studio of producer Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, Buddy Guy, Dawes and more).

Vancouver, BC (June 26, 2018)—Multi award-winning producer Jacquire King’s new personal studio, LBT, is adorned with the results of an acoustic treatment plan drawn up by Jay Porter, product manager for Canadian-based Primacoustic.

Known for his work with Kings of Leon, Tom Waits, Modest Mouse, Buddy Guy, Norah Jones, Of Monsters and Men, Josh Ritter, Cold War Kids, City and Colour, Dawes and others, King describes LBT as a medium-sized studio; he had his hand in the design from the ground up and he and his engineering team handled all the installation.

“The ceilings are 10-feet in height throughout all spaces,” he says. “The walls are constructed of standard framing with double walls spaced with a minimum of 4-inch air gap. Rigid Roxul insulation lines the interior of the air spaces. There is a layer of Mass Loaded Vinyl and then 3/8-inch drywall to complete the finished walls.”

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The control room is roughly 14 ft. by 15 ft. with the listening position treated with a Stratus Ceiling Cloud and a set of Razorblade diffusers installed on the back wall. It also features six MaxTraps (two each in the rear corners and one each in front corner) and the walls are treated with Broadway panels.

According to King, “The new control room is the best personal space I’ve ever had for listening and working. It’s very focused without a feeling of being constricted.”

The main recording space is 20 ft. by 16 ft. at one end and 14 ft. at the other. The longer wall is slanted across the space, offering a desired non-parallel surface. The acoustic treatment includes Nimbus clouds, Broadway panels of 2-inch and 3-inch thicknesses, MaxTraps, Cumulus corner traps and Radiator panels. A 6-ft. by 8-ft. vocal/isolation booth and small iso room have also been treated with Primacoustic.

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“The treatment has provided an excellent opportunity to have the space be sonically balanced and give it, based on the placements, a real variety of room tone. The room is punchy and focused without feeling dead. The main room has a cohesive feel and has been impressive in the recorded results it has provided. The results have been nothing short of magical and I love working in my studio because of the sound I can get there,” he says.

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