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Introducing the H3H Blackline Series Speaker

Martin Audio’s new H3H (Horizontal) loudspeaker is the latest addition to Martin Audio’s popular Blackline Series,

Martin Audio’s new H3H (Horizontal) loudspeaker is the latestaddition to Martin Audio’s popular Blackline Series, a leadingspeaker line in clubs, small theaters, and dance venues worldwide.

This high power enclosure employs all of the same horn-loadedcomponents as the H3, but is now available in a horizontal format idealfor venues with low ceilings and a need for superior audio quality.

A trapezoidal three-way bi-amp Hybrid™ design, the H3H isfully horn loaded, with components consisting of a single15in (380mm)horn and reflex-loaded low frequency transducer, a10in (250mm)horn-loaded mid frequency transducer with a ‘phase-ball’loading device, and a 1in (25mm) exit HF compression driver mounted ona constant directivity horn.

The mid and high frequency sections are integrated by an internal2kHz passive crossover network and the enclosure is of a multi-laminatebirch ply construction.

Flexible enough for a wealth of club and commercial installationsrequiring high SPL and articulation in a compact, low-profile package,the H3H has multiple inserts to facilitate easy, quick and safeinstallation.

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