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It Could Happen

After 900 hours of studying, Arizona's Conservatory of Recording Arts and Science students John Haley's and Phil Nichols' graduation required an internship

After 900 hours of studying, Arizona’s Conservatory of Recording Arts and Science students John Haley’s and Phil Nichols’ graduation required an internship at a working studio. For them, it was with L.A.’s Cornerstone Studios, where Fleetwood Mac was in mixing their 2003 release.

“They were amazingly well prepared, considering the situation we’ve thrown them into,” said mix engineer Mark Needham (Cake, Chris Isaak, Elton John). “You’ve got 112 tracks of Pro Tools, a 48-track Sony 3348 digital machine, analog decks and Neve automation all to lock up. They’ve handled every task I gave them, which is pretty sharp.”

“The band has been very cool and easy to be around,” said Haley. “The equipment has been much more temperamental,” added Nichols.

The release was recorded at Lindsey Buckingham’s Bel Air, Calif., studio with engineer Ray Lindsey and at Ocean Way with engineer Allen Sides.

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