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Ithaca Records Hank Roberts

Mix profiles Ithaca College School of Music Brian Dozoretz Mixing New Hank Roberts Performance

Ray Benson

Jazz cellist Hank Roberts recently performed at Ithaca College in New York. Using Roberts’ personal DPA mics (one mounted on the body of the cello and one on the stage), a selection of Neumann KM and TLM Series mics, and Audio-Technica small-capsule condensers on surround duties, Ithaca College School of Music’s manager of music recording technical support Brian Dozoretz recorded, mixed and mastered the artist’s live concert to both stereo and surround formats on the school’s new SSL Duality console. Other gear included SSL XLogic Alpha-Link and Delta-Link interfaces, NHT 5.1 monitors, locally made Benchmark mic pre/converters and locally made Glyph hard drives.