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Izotope Releases Full Plug-in Line

Izotope Inc. has announced OS X support for its entire line of professional audio plug-ins, and has released its entire line in Pro Tools, VST and DirectX formats.

Izotope Inc. has announced OS X support for its entire line ofprofessional audio plug-ins, and has released its entire line in ProTools, VST and DirectX formats. The release includes iZotope Ozone, a64-bit analog modeled mastering system; iZotope Trash, a 64-bit classicamp, distortion, delay and filter simulator; and isotope Spectron, aversatile spectral-based effect.

Pictured: iZotope Spectron

iZotope Ozone features proprietary MBIT+ wordlength reductiontechnology , tube-modeled multiband dynamics with analog andlinear-phase crossover modes, RMS and peak detection, tube modeled EQwith linear phase mode for digitally transparent equalization, and anintelligent matching function for spectrum matching 64-bit acousticallymodeled reverb.

Trash features a wide range of 64-bit box, cabinet, and speakermodels, multiband distortion algorithms, fully sweepable andtriggerable filters, and unique delay module. The distortion, delay andfilter simulator offers realistic modeling of 85 amp cabinets andspeakers, 36 filters and 48 distortion types.

Catering to sound designers, Spectron is designed around theSpectron Engine, a core processing module which decomposes audio intothousands of frequency bands for spectral processing. Features includea Morph module with frequency-selective amount control, filter module,smear module and an innovative interface that allows for virtuallyunlimited sweeping and triggering options.

All plug-ins are available for purchase as a download or on CD fromthe iZotope web site. Ozone 3: $299 to new customers and $49 to currentOzone 3 DirectX customers. Trash: $199 for new customers and $39 tocurrent Trash DirectX customers. Spectron: $99 to new customers and $29to current Spectron DirectX customers. All plug-ins ship on CDs withextra content for an additional $29. Updates to the DirectX version forexisting DirectX customers are provided free of charge.

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